Xiring unveils super slim bank card reader

Source: Xiring

Xiring, a security solutions provider for remote transactions, presented its latest strong authentication solution for online banking and e-commerce at the 'Cartes 2008' trade show:

The Xi-Sign 4900 is the slimmest bank card reader currently available at just 3.5mm thick.

A market leader in CAP-EMV strong authentication solutions for online banking and e-commerce, XIRING is constantly developing new solutions in response to the needs of end users and banks.

The Xi-Sign 4900 is the slimmest card reader currently available. With a thickness of 3.5 mm, and a bank card size, it slips easily into your wallet and can be carried easily by users wherever they go.

Based on XIRING's standard technical platform, the Xi-Sign 4900 has the same functionality as all other products in the Xi-Sign range and supports the existing software for the Xi-Sign range.

The Xi-Sign range of portable, standalone authentication solutions is the largest on the market and satisfies the needs of all types of users:

  • Xi-Sign 4000: the all-round best seller from XIRING (more than 6 million consumers already use the Xi-Sign 4000 in Europe);
  • Xi-Sign 4100: with its compact clamshell design, it fits easily into a handbag or briefcase;
  • Xi-Sign 4300: an eco-friendly solution, with no screws and less plastic, intended for the general public with its large, widely-spaced buttons;
  • Xi-Sign 4400: a special design for the elderly - with a large display and bigger buttons. It is also available with an audio function for the visually impaired;
  • Xi-Sign 4900: with a thickness of 3.5 mm, and a bank card size, it slips easily into a wallet, close to the bank card;
  • Xi-Sign 5000: an exclusive product which allows banks to better service valued clients. With its black finish, mirrored back, flat keypad and carry-case, it makes the perfect corporate gift.

"The Xi-Sign solutions offered by XIRING are designed for use with existing bank cards. This is the best solution for banks, both in terms of budget and deployment. With the Xi-Sign 4900, we have broken the record for slim-line design and enhanced our Xi-Sign range with another unique solution," commented Laurent Maitre, Marketing Director at XIRING.

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