Ullink introduces hosted DMA trading gateway

Source: Ullink

Ullink, global provider of end-to-end connectivity and trading solutions, now offers UL NET+, a hosted high-frequency DMA trading environment including direct access to 35 equity and derivatives markets, real-time compliance and risk management, and the user's choice of market data feeds.

Buy-Side and Sell-Side institutions need connect only once to the high-speed UL NET+ infrastructure to leverage this global DMA ring, fully hosted, monitored, and maintained by ULLINK. UL NET+ is already in production in Europe and the USA, empowering a number of pilot firms with a global, cross-asset, maintenance-free DMA solution. It is now available to the entire community.

Fueling growth on client satisfaction, 100% independent with no tie to any broker or financial institution, ULLINK already offers over 35 connections to major Exchanges, MTFs and ECNs in Europe and America (across Equities, Options, Futures, and FX). Moreover, as ULLINK's dedicated DMA team constantly develops new gateways, using UL NET+ is the best way to keep up with the market's fast pace (regulations, new venues, mergers, and changes in protocols and services).

"In addition to this global DMA coverage, UL NET+ users also access our established UL NET destinations: 130 brokers around the world, as well as FX and Fixed income destinations, through the same unique connection" says Laurent Useldinger, CEO of ULLINK. "With all the major American and European markets already available through UL NET+, Asia is next on our radar. We are now building 15 market gateways to cover all the Asian markets to build a true 'Universal Link' to the financial world - the vision behind our name."

In terms of performance, UL NET+ hosted connectivity platforms are co-located near/at the Exchanges to guarantee the lowest possible latency. High-frequency traders can also host their trading automates and applications in the same data centre to further increase speed. This resilient ring architecture uses high-speed fiber-optic connections by leading facilities providers. It is based on UL BRIDGE, an industry-proven ultra-low latency platform which processes billions of shares every day, and UL IRIS, a global real-time compliance and risk management system, which includes monitoring, alerts, and pre-trade order filtering. UL NET+ is a vendor-neutral solution: financial institutions can keep on using their favorite trading applications, or build their end-to-end solution with additional ULLINK modules (order management system, trading interface, and best execution engine).

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