Fixnetix deploys Corvil latency management system

Source: Corvil

Corvil, the global standard bearer in electronic trading and market data latency management, today announced that Fixnetix, a leading provider of ultra-low latency market data, is deploying CorvilNet to monitor latency and demonstrate record performance speed to its customers.

Corvil, with operations in Dublin, New York and London, serves a global client base of leading market centers, investment banks, hedge funds and allied service providers. CorvilNet monitors, analyzes and optimizes electronic trading infrastructures against ultra-low latency objectives encompassing market data feeds and order execution traffic.

"To have Fixnetix, a leader in latency-sensitive market data delivery, look to Corvil for enhancing its own performance and infrastructure optimization is a level of peer recognition and trust which doesn't come along every day; we value and appreciate their endorsement of our technology and business value proposition," said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne.

Latency is closely monitored by high frequency trading firms, market centers and allied service providers given its significant impact on trade execution performance. Industry analyst firm TABB Group estimates that low-latency expenditures will almost double, from under $100 million currently to about $170 million by 2010.

"Fixnetix consistently sets the performance standard for end-to-end market data provision, and we're committed to delivering both ultra-low latency market data and trading infrastructure connectivity for our expanding range of financial customers," said Fixnetix CEO, Hugh Hughes. "We are one of the few vendors able to deliver proven low latency connectivity without any buffering or loss of data, and adding Corvil and CorvilNet latency monitoring capabilities will prove a valuable addition to our environment."

With the CorvilNet Latency Management System, customers can proactively specify the latency objectives of their trading and market data infrastructures in terms of meaningful microsecond targets, and automatically and continuously monitor for compliance against those baselines. If latency violations occur, CorvilNet immediately alarms, performs a "smart" packet capture for deep forensics, and provides immediate recommendations for optimizations to re-establish compliance. CorvilNet also measures the headroom available for market surges, traffic growth and impact of new applications or customers on the network.

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