DTCC to provide CDS data from Trade Information Warehouse

Source: Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) announced today that it will begin to publish aggregate market data from its Trade Information Warehouse (Warehouse), the worldwide central trade registry it maintains on credit derivatives.

Starting Tuesday, November 4 and continuing weekly, DTCC will post on its website dtcc.com/derivserv the outstanding gross and net notional values ("stock" value) of credit default swap (CDS) contracts registered in the Warehouse for the top 1,000 underlying single-name reference entities and all indices, as well as certain aggregates of this data on a gross notional basis only. The data is intended to address market concerns about transparency.

The data will be shown in two sections. Section 1 will show the outstanding notional values at a given point in time (the end of each week). Section 2 will show data relating to the weekly confirmed trade volume, or "turnover," with respect to the same underlying reference entities and indices, as well as similar aggregations of such data. Section 2 data will be published beginning the week after the initial publication of outstanding notional values.

The Trade Information Warehouse is a service offering of DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DTCC, and is the market's first and only central registry and automated trade database supporting the post-trade processing of over-the-counter derivatives contracts over their lifecycles, from confirmation through to final settlement. Established in November 2006, the Warehouse is the OTC derivatives industry's electronic central registry for credit default swaps. With a client base that includes virtually all global derivatives dealers and more than 1,100 buy-side firms in 31 countries, DTCC's Warehouse has registered the vast majority of all credit default swaps traded worldwide.

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