Mexico's El Banco Deuno rolls out Open Solutions core banking technology

Source: Open Solutions

On Oct. 1, 2008, Mexican-based El Banco Deuno commenced operations with six branches in Mexico City and an additional six branches in Guadalajara, having successfully implemented Open Solutions Inc.'s enterprise-wide database core banking solution, The Complete Banking Solution: DNA (TCBS: DNA).

Open Solutions is a leading provider of integrated enabling technologies for financial services providers throughout the United States, Canada and other international markets.

Headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico, El Banco Deuno, a de novo institution, is a subsidiary bank of IXE Banco. IXE Banco serves the upper end of the financial market in Mexico and signed with Open Solutions in December 2007 to implement TCBS: DNA. Currently, the bank is in the process of upgrading its core technology platform across all verticals to ensure each business unit is using the same front- and back-office system. El Banco Deuno, the first business unit to go live with this project, was founded to reach the historically under-banked, mid-to-low retail markets in Mexico and offers universal financial services, focusing on consumer and commercial loans for small- and medium-sized companies.

Known for its exceptional service and considered one of the fastest-growing and progressive banks in Mexico, IXE Banco's revolutionary approach to the market is quickly gaining attention. During 2007, the bank was recognized by Expansión magazine for providing its clients the best quality in customer service and assistance within the financial system. Also in 2007, 33 new branches were opened, totaling 92 branches, and deposits grew from $10.3 billion (MXN) at year-end 2006 to $16.7 billion (MXN). IXE has taken a unique approach to provide tangible and real service to its growing customer base. El Banco Deuno is one such undertaking and will satisfy a key objective for the bank: to offer the best financial service in Mexico.

Following its licensing by the Mexican Banking Authorities and having received its Operational and Technology certification by the Comision Nacional Bancaria y de Valores (CNBV) after the first review, a rare and significant accomplishment, El Banco Deuno opened with 12 branches and has an aggressive growth plan for the near future. As part of the process, El Banco Deuno searched for a core processing partner that would provide advanced architecture and technology at opening and as the bank grew. After an intensive evaluation, the bank determined that Open Solutions was the only provider that could support the bank's goals and its exponential five-year growth strategy.

"The bank was founded with a very specific goal and market in mind, making the enterprise-wide, core platform decision an even more critical one," said Javier de la Calle, general manager and CEO of El Banco Deuno and a director of Ixe Grupo Financiero. "After thoroughly evaluating several options, it was clear that only Open Solutions' highly functional and flexible relational technology solution could serve the current and future technology needs of the bank. We look forward to working with Open Solutions as we launch our services to a traditionally underserved Mexican financial market."

In addition to The Complete Banking Solution: DNA relational database core banking platform, El Banco Deuno will be implementing Open Solutions' StreamLend Velocity retail and commercial loan origination platform (paperless, end-to-end loan origination). El Banco Deuno also has plans to use Open Solutions' advanced ATM switch, POSH and its multifunctional capabilities, as well as its ConCentreTM ATM management platform and the cViewTM (CRM/business intelligence) application.

Open Solutions Senior Vice President, International Group, Wayne Ginn said, "The sophisticated solutions offered by Open Solutions have become recognized as international standards for helping financial institutions meet their broad banking needs. We welcome El Banco Deuno to our growing family of international clients. The bank recognizes the need for a modern technology platform to support its aggressive growth strategy and we look forward to helping El Banco Deuno reach their objectives."

Open Solutions Chairman and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr., said, "As we continue to expand our global footprint, we are pleased to bring our proven methodologies and sophisticated technology to financial institutions around the world, and in this case Mexico. In today's ever-changing dynamic economic environment, more and more financial institutions are realizing that traditional legacy systems will not support their growth strategies or business goals. Open Solutions' proven relational core processing platform and integrated product suite are uniquely designed to position financial institutions for success in a challenging and ever-changing financial marketplace. We wish to congratulate El Banco Deuno on their opening and with the successful implementation of our product suite. We believe they are poised to succeed in a region that is highly competitive. We are pleased that they have partnered with us and look forward to watching them grow and to serving them in the years ahead."

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