GlobalPlatform publishes universal integrated circuit card configuration

Source: GlobalPlatform

A Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) Configuration has been published by the international smart card specification body, GlobalPlatform.

This important technical document - which will be of significant interest to mobile network operators, application service providers such as mobile payments and TV, and trusted service managers - outlines a common and neutral environment to facilitate the secure over-the-air delivery of new and creative mobile services to consumers.

The UICC Configuration is the implementation guide for deploying GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 within the mobile services sector and managing the secure delivery of over-the-air of new services. Utilizing its cross-industry representation, GlobalPlatform has combined its mobile telecom and financial market knowledge, with its technology experience to develop a configuration which outlines the behavior of each and every actor involved within a UICC implementation, how they should be represented, and a summary of their role / responsibilities in a variety of business models. A key feature of the UICC Configuration is its flexibility, which enables the issuer to select the services to be offered to third parties by personalization and ensures the technology can support a diverse range of business models in various ecosystems. Providing mobile operator and financial sector security, this configuration also allows the actors involved in the delivery of a mobile implementation to use their current application deployment scheme.

EMVCo, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), GSM Association, the Mobey Forum, mobile network operators, payment systems and public transport operators, have all provided valuable input into GlobalPlatform's UICC Configuration. This significant cross market contribution has been vital in achieving the security requirements of all stakeholders operating within this progressive industry, and ensuring the universal acceptance and use of this document.

Marc Kekicheff, Vice Chair of GlobalPlatform, and Senior Business Leader of Product Technology at Visa Inc., commentmments: "GlobalPlatform acknowledged that to achieve mass market adoption of mobile services an interoperable and neutral ecosystem had to be established that would securely enable multiple stakeholders to deliver services through a single solution, while also supporting multiple business models from different industry sectors.

"Using its market position as a cross industry technical body, the experience of its members and collaboration with other market associations, GlobalPlatform has created a configuration which will be extensively referenced by those operating within the mobile services sector for years to come. Key to the documents success is the recognition that mobile services offer an endless number of commercial opportunities, yet to date only a select number of business models had been defined. GlobalPlatform is delighted to bring this important configuration to market, and would like to thank all those involved in its creation."

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