Bravura incorporates StorLife storage system

Source: Bravura Solutions Limited

Bravura Solutions Limited (Bravura) - a leading global supplier of wealth management applications and professional services, announced today that it has forged a new partnership with StorLife, a leading provider of hardware-independent, compliant storage and lifecycle management solutions.

Bravura Solutions will be using StorLife as the secure storage layer for its Rufus GTA (Global Transfer Agency) system. Rufus GTA is one of the leading Pan-European transfer agency systems and tracks the accounts of investors in mutual funds, packaged equities, cash and hedge funds. All documents that form part of the GTA administration process will now be securely and compliantly stored in StorLife, replacing an optical jukebox system.

Nick Parsons, Bravura's Global Chief Technology Officer said: "The StorLife proposition replaces a legacy Write Once Read Many (WORM) secure data storage system, which is based on expensive proprietary equipment. By releasing us from the hardware lock-in, StorLife provides a future-proof solution that will let us exploit new storage technology, as well as a cost effective architecture for compliant storage.

The adoption of a common and consistent approach to compliance provides us with the opportunity to further reduce our clients' storage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)."

StorLife is a software-only Content Addressed Storage (CAS) solution providing the online performance of magnetic disk, with scalability, resilience and assured content authenticity. StorLife's lifecycle management technology enforces content compliance policies regarding the retention, disposal, encryption, security and access in order to adhere to corporate governance demands.

"StorLife allows Bravura to quickly and easily implement a secure and compliant storage platform for its key documents. The Single Instance Storage functionality means that storage resources are now being used more efficiently," said Garret Pearse, Product Manager for StorLife.

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