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YellowBrix, a leading provider of content analytics, real-time industry news, financial and business intelligence solutions to the enterprise and Internet markets, today announced the launch of RightTrade, the company's innovative media sentiment and financial analytics service designed to help individual investors and trading professionals make more informed trading decisions.

RightTrade measures and tracks the sentiment of all U.S. publicly traded companies using YellowBrix's proprietary Semantic 3.0 PlatformSM to analyze tens of thousands of articles from the leading news sources and business blogs in real time. The service offers an exclusive Sentiment Market Mover TechnologySM, which gives investors a powerful tool to gauge current market temperature and offers real-time, predictive insight into the media positions that often affect stock performance. RightTrade has demonstrated the ability to provide a two-hour lead-time indicator for the rise or fall of a company's stock price. In fact, typically by 8:00 a.m., prior to market opening, the technology can determine what the average sentiment will be for that day. RightTrade has been shown to measure sentiment with an approximate 75% accuracy rate.

"YellowBrix's core business is to deliver real-time, actionable information to our corporate clients, or now, with RightTrade, to the individual investor," said Jeff Massa, President and CEO of YellowBrix. "With the launch of RightTrade, we continue our commitment to provide the most advanced content, sentiment and financial analytics available, and provide investors with the tools they need to make more accurate and timely trading decisions."

RightTrade offers flexible, real-time sentiment analysis with the following features and benefits:

Unprecedented Accuracy. YellowBrix brings investors a ten-year track record of delivering advanced contextual and semantic analytics using proven natural-language processing and neural network techniques to better understand the context and the full meaning of sentences within an article or document. With the advent of RightTrade and the Semantic 3.0 Platform, YellowBrix technology has been leveraged to analyze real-time media sentiment and how its context may impact the stock market. The company's proprietary semantic technology extracts text from articles and, based on that context, applies a positive, negative or neutral weighting. The introduction of RightTrade marks YellowBrix's first application of its Semantic 3.0 Platform to the financial markets.

Multi-Dimensional Visibility. RightTrade provides a business intelligence solution that allows exceptional visibility into the quantity and frequency of specific textual mentions. At the same time, its proprietary indicator technology benchmarks media sentiment against current stock movement. RightTrade, and its Sentiment Market Mover Technology, analyzes the whole market temperature, not just the language sentiment, permitting users to make immediate investment decisions.

Dynamic Business Intelligence. RightTrade places real-time business intelligence information into the hands of investors, facilitating intelligent trading decisions. This dynamically linked information includes company and executive profiles, top competitors, press and public relations activity, quarterly and annual financials, stock quotes, interactive stock charting and Securities & Exchange Commission filings.

Pricing and Availability

The RightTrade online subscription service is currently available to individual investors at a cost of $24.95 per month or $188 per year. YellowBrix is additionally working with hedge funds and money managers to develop a comprehensive, integrated financial analytic service for professionals.

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