B2N launches data delivery technology

Source: B2N

B2N today announced its state-of-the-art new Level 2 data representation which is the core of the B2N's next generation message bus with extremely low latency factor.

The technology is a component of the B2N real-time data platform MarketHub.

The new technology is based around the idea to represent full Level 2 (Market Depth/Order Book) data messages using "array deltas" (differential updates) instead of platform-specific Level 2 commands. This new way of delivering market depth data is the key to high throughput and low latency messaging in a high performance environment. The feature is available using B2N's SDK for C++/Java and C#/.Net.

"One of the biggest advantages of this feature is its ease of use." - commented Stoyan Damov, one of B2N's architects. "It can do everything for you. The updates can be applied on the subscribers' side automatically and the user can choose between getting a snapshot or just the changes in the order book without any performance impact".

MarketHub is a cutting edge data delivery infrastructure. It is a multiplatform high frequency market data distribution for the tracking and publishing of financial data. Using state-of-the-art technology, it offers end-to-end solutions for investment professionals.

With a local presence in UK/Europe and US, B2N delivers its MarketHub platform with easy to use state-of-the-art real-time data APIs to a customer who has the will to lead the market in financial data throughput and low latency technologies. The unique Zero-Latency technology dramatically decreases the latency figures and significantly increases the throughput of the platform. The tools are meant to help the development of in-house solutions on various platforms and programming languages.

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