Collis Asia and Datacard form EMV migration partnership

Source: Collis

Collis and Datacard Group announced today that they have joined forces to offer customers end-to-end EMV migration & e-ID related products & solutions.

Collis & Datacard Group will deliver solutions and expertise in the following areas: EMV, e-ID & Mobile industries.

As part of the solutions, market leading testing tools are available from Collis: EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (EMV PVT), EMV PVT Production Test Tool, e-Passport Personalisation & Functional Testing Tools and many more. Combined with Datacard Group proposals, a comprehensive range of testing tools and services are available for customers in the Asia Pacific Region.

Known as knowledge experts, Collis testing tools and consulting services are used by financial institutions (banks), government (research) departments and by Telco's as well as card and terminal vendors. Collis' product portfolio includes Personalisation and Validation tools for Cards, Terminals, Devices and Host Systems. Datacard Group are experts in secure ID and card personalisation solutions.The company's portfolio includes systems for high-volume card issuance, card delivery, secure ID issuance and passport production, plus extensive service and supply offerings.

The alliance between Collis & Datacard Group strengthens the offering to consumers in the Asia Pacific Region as two strong, market leading forces come together with products & services which are world class. Collis & Datacard Group may develop some joint products & solutions, starting with an offering for the testing of card personalisation during production.

Angus McDougall, Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific/Japan, Datacard Group, comments: "The addition of the world class Collis validation tools to the Datacard Affina EMV Card Issuance solution is great.We now can provide a complete end to end EMV solution to our customer from smart card data generation, personalisation and finally validation. The collaboration between Datacard Group and Collis will benefit our customer by just going to one solution provider to source a complete EMV Card Issuance solution."

Rick Hsu, Managing Director, Collis Asia, adds: "Collis is enthusiastic to join forces with Datacard Group to offer a diverse & comprehensive portfolio of products & solutions to the EMV & e-ID industry customers. Always focused on delivering market leading solutions to customers, this collaboration will continue Collis' efforts.We look forward to fully enabling customers with EMV & smart card solutions, in e-ID projects like interoperable e-Passport roll out and other current market issues in the Asia Pacific Region.

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