Mindwell and Calypso extend collaboration

Source: Mindwell

Mindwell AB today announced a joint decision with Calypso Technology to further strengthen their partnership and collaborate in the area of integration services relating to the Calypso system.

Calypso offers a fully integrated trading, risk management and operations processing solution covering multiple asset classes.

The ability to provide cost efficient and robust interfacing solutions with other internal systems and external service providers is a key concern in any system implementation project. The versatility of Calypso's integration technologies together with Mindwell's experience and position as a premier provider of integration services in the area of financial transaction processing has proven to be a winning combination in multi-site, cross-asset Calypso implementation projects.

"By strengthening our collaboration in this area, we expect to become an even more efficient provider of Calypso integration services," says Per Ohlsson Ravn, CEO and Senior Partner at Mindwell. "This initiative allows us to standardize solutions to common technical development issues and focus entirely on the value adding business layer of the integration.

A good example is the Nordic CSD Integration Platform containing a solution to a regional interfacing requirement for Nordic Calypso users. The platform is designed to provide the basic plug-in Calypso connectivity for settlement services at VPC, VP, VPS, APK and VBSI. We want clients to worry less about technicalities and turn the attention to the workflow and functional aspects of the implementation process. The CSD Platform would have been difficult to realize without a close dialogue and common vision with Calypso. We believe there are many more cases like these where Mindwell and Calypso together can offer substantial cost- and quality benefits to mutual customers."

Mikael Lindh, Sales Manager, Nordic Region at Calypso explains: "Calypso has established a strong presence in the Nordic region. Recent success stories are attributed to working closely with local partners such as Mindwell. Calypso's market leading front to back office, cross asset solution plugs in to Mindwell's connectivity hub to the Nordic clearing houses providing a complete solution from trade entry to settlement services within one single enterprise installation. Mindwell's knowledge of the Nordic markets in combination with its local presence is of great benefit to any Calypso system integration project in the Nordic region."

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