Xenomorph to provide DaDD dividend data through TimeScape

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph is to integrate DaDD dividend forecasts and index constituent data into TimeScape, its enterprise data management and analysis suite. This improvement will make it easier for Xenomorph's customers to utilise DaDD Dividend Forecast data in their equity derivatives models.

DaDD is widely accepted as providing the best source of individual dividend forecasts and ex-dividend dates, up to 4 years ahead. DaDD is used by the majority of the major investment banks, equity derivatives and index traders, and increasingly, by hedge funds and asset managers.

The deal also includes providing the latest constituent data for virtually any commercially available index or ETF, via The Index Management Service (TIMS), operated by DaDD.

Xenomorph has recognised financial institutions' increasing use of derivatives and other quant products. This move gives them an edge by providing the right functionality, coupled with accurate data inputs.

Xenomorph and DaDD have already signed a substantial asset management house, which uses derivatives.

John Price, Managing Director – DaDD said "We are delighted that Xenomorph is making it so easy for their clients to access our data. Now for the first time asset managers can acquire everything they need to trade indices and equity derivatives through a single platform."

Greg Johnson, Director – Xenomorph said "Dividend forecast data is becoming a more important issue to financial institutions and we are delighted to be working with DaDD to provide this to our clients. It is another example of how TimeScape integrates multiple data sources and provides simple, but highly powerful tools for retrieving and analysing large volumes of financial market data."

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