Visa and Hubspan team on accounts payable automation

Source: Hubspan

Hubspan, a leading provider of on-demand integration solutions, and Visa (NYSE:V) today announced an alliance to combine Hubspan's on-demand integration platform with Visa's Accounts Payable (AP) Automation service.

The combined solution offering creates a streamlined accounts payable solution for Visa financial institution clients and their corporate customers.

As part of the alliance, Hubspan developed tailored solutions to address the specific integration challenges of accounts payable files. The solution helps enable a seamless connection between Visa, issuers and corporate customer systems by mediating differences in processes, data formats and transport protocols that can hinder collaboration.

"Integration is increasingly a critical hurdle in the financial services market segment as back-office systems grow in number and complexity," said Nick Marchetti, Head of Commercial Supply Chain Management at Visa Inc. "Hubspan allows Visa to deliver a complete solution that overcomes both business process and application integration hurdles. This provides a deeper connection with our customers on top of enhanced levels of support."
Hubspan allows Visa to build tighter connections with its direct customers, while also providing a solution designed to ease integration between issuers and their customers. The alliance can help accelerate the adoption of Visa commercial card solutions by removing traditional obstacles that can arise when different systems must share information.

"Hubspan's on-demand platform makes for faster and easier implementation of Visa's commercial card offerings to issuers and corporate customers," said Robert Mahowald, director of the IDC software as a service (SaaS) and on-demand research program. "By integrating with Hubspan's platform, Visa and its financial institution clients have an easily-executed accounts payable file integration solution for improved transaction speed and business agility."

"The Visa alliance speaks to Hubspan's strength as a provider of on-demand integration solutions for companies seeking a differentiator through enhanced information delivery services," said Trisha Gross, president and CEO of Hubspan. "By creating a unified offering combining business applications with an integration platform, Hubspan delivers a world-class integration infrastructure for electronic payment processing and allows companies such as Visa to rapidly deploy complete payment solutions to the financial services market segment."

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