Advans Ghana implements Neptune banking platform

Source: Neptune Software

Neptune Software and its partner Horus Development Finance today announced that Advans Ghana has gone live with Neptune's Orbit solution, with a limited involvement of Neptune (2 weeks on site) - proof that a Microfinance Operator can master Orbit on its own.

In 2006, Neptune signed a landmark agreement with Horus Development Finance to implement Orbit banking system for microbanks and microfinance institutions all over Africa including anglophone and francophone countries.

Advans Ghana is the third site to go live, and Advans SA plans to open an additional microfinance institution in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2009, where Orbit will also be implemented.

Created in 2005, Advans SA is a Luxembourg-based venture capital investment company that specializes in microfinance-related projects. Its stated mission is to "build a network of financial institutions in developing and emerging countries offering loans, deposits and other standard financial services to micro, small and medium enterprises which have limited or no access to formal banking services."

Commenting on the implementation, Patrick Gobin, Director, Horus Development Finance says, "I am very satisfied that the Horus team has managed to successfully implement the Orbit solution with such minimal involvement of Neptune experts. This means that the skill transfer has been achieved. Equally reassuring was the overall speed of implementation with our experts involved for a total of just 120 man-days."

Alan Goodrich, Commercial Director, Neptune Software, adds: "This project is of great significance as it highlights Neptune's commitment to partnerships in order to deliver low risk banking and financial services solutions. Neptune continues to develop and deliver software that can be implemented in record timeframes while providing real returns on investment for our customers."

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