Vasco expands Digipass m-banking security offering

Source: Vasco Data Security International

Vasco Data Security International (NASDAQ:VDSI), a leading software security company specializing in authentication products, today expands its Digipass for Mobile offering.

Digipass for Mobile is the first strong authentication solution for mobile devices using time and event-based response. Thanks to Digipass for Java & C API VASCO is enabling mobile devices to be used for full secure m-banking.

With 3.65 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, mobile phones are omnipresent. Banks are aware of the worldwide spread of mobile devices and want to take advantage of this to offer new services to their customers. As a result mobile banking applications are becoming more and more visible as solutions for retail banking. With the deployment of mobile banking applications a number of challenges need to be faced: the application needs to be secure, user-friendly to obtain customer acceptance and generate revenue for the bank.

With Digipass for Mobile and Digipass for Java & C API, VASCO provides answers to the security and user acceptance challenges of mobile banking. Digipass for Mobile provides two authentication applications, first of all a response only authentication code. The second application can either be a challenge/response authentication code or e-signature. VASCO is the first to offer complete and automatic time management within mobile authentication. Digipass for Mobile synchronizes itself with server time, offering more secure authentication than event-based solutions. Digipass for Mobile also offers daylight saving time changes, and automatic synchronization, facilitating the use of strong authentication for frequent travelers.

Ease-of-use is key in the user acceptance of the mobile banking application. VASCO has developed over the years extensive experience in large- scale deployments to end-users. This experience is translated into best-of- breed provisioning solutions. The installation (provisioning) is fast (less than 2 minutes), secure (fully-encrypted) and can be done in online (using HTTP or SMS) or offline (manual) mode.

Banks can fully customize the Digipass for Mobile & Digipass for Java & C API to their corporate branding. Logo's, colors, icons, features and menus can be changed to have increased brand recognition by the end user. Furthermore Digipass for Mobile and Digipass for Java & C API support all languages. The customization which is offered provides the end-user with a rich and convenient mobile experience.

Digipass for Mobile provides two factor authentication and e-signature functionalities for Java-enabled, Palm and Blackberry handsets, and supports more than 400 different types of mobile devices. The use of Digipass for Mobile requires no further deployment of additional hardware to the end user and can be used in combination with other Digipass solutions to best fit the customer's needs.

Digipass for Java & C API has been developed for banks and integrators. It offers the capability to embed the renowned Digipass technology into virtually any environment. Digipass for Java & C API transparently embeds strong authentication and e-signature into mobile banking applications while relying upon and maintaining the existing backend infrastructure.

Digipass for Mobile and Digipass for Java & C API are based on the proven VASCO VACMAN Controller server technology. The use of Digipass for Mobile will require small to no server update.

According to Jan Valcke, VASCO's President and COO, "Almost everyone has a mobile device in his pockets nowadays. Banks have recognized the strength of the mobile platform to offer additional services and generate revenue. It is VASCO's role to offer the best-of-breed authentication solutions for this growing market trend."

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