Deutsche Bank, Golman Sachs boost investment in Sybase technology

Source: Sybase

Sybase, Inc. (NYSE: SY) a leading information management and mobile software company, today announced significant momentum in the financial services industry spurred by rapid adoption of innovative new data management solutions. Several multinational firms, including Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, have expanded their Sybase technology investments to include leading-edge real time data services, archiving and replication technologies, in addition to industrial-strength relational database management systems. Deutsche Bank will deploy new Sybase technologies globally. Goldman Sachs will increase overall Sybase licenses, and extend Sybase data management and replication solutions to the firm's global network.

New solutions that help financial services firms manage their data more reliably and affordably accounts for much of Sybase's momentum. Sybase Mirror Activator(TM) helps financial services firms to minimize database downtime for business-critical applications by providing a continuously available standby system, increasing availability and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Sybase Dynamic Archive(TM) allows financial services firms to intelligently and automatically manage business transactional data through its lifecycle -- by offloading inactive data from the production system, while keeping archived data fully accessible online. Dynamic Archive also enables organizations to comply with regulatory requirements for long-term storage, fast access and data integrity -- features necessary for Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Basel II adherence.

Most Sybase financial services customers utilize Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise, the powerful relational database management system for high performance business applications. As "scale out" strategies become increasingly common in financial services data centers, more customers are recognizing the increased value of Sybase ASE on Linux, rated as the TCO leader over IBM, Microsoft and Oracle by The Standish Group. In addition, financial services firms are augmenting their ASE investments by adopting the Sybase Real-Time Data Services package (RTDS), which provides integrated database support for high-performance real-time message services. Sybase RTDS provides real-time alerts and notifications, and gives managers instant access to business changes, saving time and cost. Additionally, Sybase offers mobile solutions that securely extend enterprise data to the mobile workforce, improving productivity and customer satisfaction.

"We are delighted that financial services leaders are choosing to expand their relationships with Sybase," said John S. Chen, Chairman, CEO & President of Sybase, Inc. "The industry must manage huge volumes of complex data, all in an environment where downtime simply isn't an option. With new innovations in real-time data services, archiving and replication that build on our history of industrial strength database management systems, we are committed to helping financial services firms manage their data with unmatched security and reliability and lowest total cost of ownership."

Large financial organizations such as investment and commercial banks, pension funds, securities firms, and insurance companies depend on Sybase data management and replication technology to power their firms. Many of these customers rely on Sybase databases to handle millions of transactions per day. Eleven out of the top eleven securities firms utilize Sybase technology, according to the 2004 edition of the Fortune 500.

"As a leader in software enterprise solutions, Sybase provides a host of mission critical services for many businesses, including many financial services companies and the NYSE itself," said NYSE CEO John A. Thain. "We congratulate Sybase for helping keep the corporate sector and Wall Street up and running for 20 years."

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