Level Four and Ascert team on ATM network testing

Source: Level Four

Level Four, a leading supplier of open standards-based ATM software, today announced a new partnership with Ascert, a provider of test automation tools, to offer a complete end-to-end testing solution for ATM networks.

The partnership enables Level Four to recommend Ascert's VersaTest product as the leading solution for message and host testing in the ATM channel. The agreement between the two companies will support existing and future customers in the Middle East.

Together, Level Four and Ascert will offer a testing package that provides banks with the tools to test ATM software and hardware, new functionality prior to deployment, host messaging and stress testing.

As an increasing number of banks in the Middle East migrate their ATM networks to a Windows operating system, they are facing new challenges at the ATM. While the resulting adoption of multi-vendor strategies brings positive competition and greater software and hardware choices to banks, it introduces a higher level of complexity that must be managed. The complementary testing solutions from Level Four and Ascert enable banks meet this challenge and thoroughly test their Windows ATM networks to ensure maximum network uptime.

The partnership supports the combination of three products; Level Four's BRIDGE:test, which provides automated testing, system integration and regression testing of the ATM terminal software and hardware, resulting in faster, more thorough and accurate testing processes; ATM Developer, which manages and tests host-based download files; and Ascert's VersaTest solution, which is the leading message and stress testing solution for message based applications, particularly in the EFT marketplace. The partnership will help banks to facilitate the quick roll out and ongoing development of the ATM network, as well as reduce potential downtime and prevent software, network and host system faults.

Mike Wainwright, Business Development Director at Ascert said: "Being able to build on both companies' experience and proven track record in the region will not only help us to service our existing customers but also support us in growing our business. Banks that are now re-thinkiking their testing strategies in the modern ATM environment will benefit from our complementary offering."

Issa Keshek, Middle East Regional Director Level Four, said: "Level Four has established a leading position in the region for our unique test and development tools which remain our focus. We have seen a growing requirement for host message and stress testing as a complementary requirement and our partnership with Ascert will leverage our experience with other Clients worldwide to bring a true 'best of breed' approach to meeting these needs."

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