NET2S teams with SeaNet on latency measurement system

Source: NET2S

NET2S, the leading consultancy for the global capital markets is partnering with SeaNet Technologies, a leading worldwide provider of application and transactional performance measurement and reporting solutions.

With over a decade of experience working with Tier 1 and Tier 2 investments banks as clients, NET2S has invaluable experience in providing professional services. With extensive experience in real-time, business critical technologies that are relied upon to channel revenue generation and cost optimization, NET2S has recently published the first and most comprehensive study of end-to-end trading latency across numerous asset classes.

The study reveals that latency can be generated at every step of the processing chain, and it analyses the process by dividing it in three main layers: the network layer, the middleware layer and the application layer. The network, on average, contributes to just 13% of a system's overall latency. This is now the second smallest contributor, below messaging (at just 2%). The new latency culprits are the applications at 65%, and firewalls at 20%; which together contribute to 85% of overall latency today.

As part of the research, NET2S also assessed tools allowing the measurement of the latency generated every step of the way. "After evaluating the various products available on the market, we identified SeaView from SeaNet as one of the very few solutions, if not the only one, that can accurately account for the latency generated by the applications and firewalls", said Frederic Ponzo, Managing Director of NET2S and one of the writers of the report. "As a consequence, we approached SeaNet in order to form a partnership that would, combined with our own expertise, allow us to offer to our customers the most comprehensive and accurate way to provide the real breakdown of latency across their market data and trading flows," he explained.

SeaNet's SeaView RTM product suite is built on an open architecture that delivers the ability to measure, monitor, and analyze the key metrics of actual business transactions in real-time for any application. SeaNet is the first company to actually deliver on the business requirement of understandiing the root causes of performance problems in mission-critical applications - from the users' perspective.

"SeaNet's partnership with NET2S will help us to reach the EMEA market, where we identified significant opportunity to introduce SeaView, since it offers reduction of the sporadic failures in application performance that result in financial losses," said Raymond Marra, EVP, SeaNet Technologies. "NET2S understands our product line and will work with our customers to provide complete end-to-end visibility and accurate measurement across any application or protocol."

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