SuperDerivatives upgrades FX tools

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives, the benchmark for derivatives, has upgraded its FX offering to support traders through volatile market conditions with independent pricing, workflow and risk management tools.

Increased volatility in the market has boosted the need for FX derivatives tools that help institutions hedge risk and manage opportunities for both proprietary and customer business.

SuperDerivatives provides real-time, independent pricing for the widest range of FX derivatives, from vanilla to the most advanced structures, through its unique universal pricing model. This helps banks and corporates manage risk, generate revenue opportunities and independently revalue multi- and single-asset derivatives portfolios.

The web-enabled FX Next Generation service allows users to collaborate, distribute and communicate FX derivatives strategies and trading ideas across their organisation and with their customers, providing confidence through excellent customer service.

Workflow tools are customisable and fit in with the user's existing team structure, as well as seamlessly integrating their data with SuperDerivatives' independent market view to inform their derivatives strategy.

The FX Next Generation service offers upgraded integrated sales tools that help customers manage FX derivatives from inception, through internal distribution to sales desks. This allows sales teams to articulate their key benefits and provide customers with competitive quotes, booking deals straight into their main system.

The service also offers innovative post-trade deal management tools, as well as risk and performance reports that give auditing practitioners accurate, independent analysis of the risk profile and performance of their FX derivatives portfolios.

Jack Jeffery, Chief Operations Officer, SuperDerivatives, comments: "Maintaining valued customer business and adding value through effective derivatives pricing, exceptional workflow and management of risk is crucial for all institutions - especially in the current market conditions.

"FX derivatives play a crucial role in facilitating cross-border trade and providing stability to businesses, but institutions trading in the OTC market need tools to manage their FX flow effectively and to provide independent valuations.

"SuperDerivatives' FX Next Generation service provides the data, content and tools to manage FX derivatives in an efficient, effective way to maximise return, manage risk and form tighter relationships with customers."

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