Migratory brings Reuters RMDS feeds to iPhone

Source: Migratory

Migratory's push web server RMDS2Web Server SE publishes financial information and news in real-time from any RMDS infrastructure to a standard web browser - now including iPhone's web browser.

The vendor says its solution is particularly interesting for the iPhone market for the following reasons:

  • zero installation and maintenance to do on the iPhone, financial data is accessed in real-time using iPhone's browser without any plug-in required
  • data is pushed asynchronously to the iPhone's browser without page refresh
  • network disconnections of the iPhone are detected and automatically recovered
  • internationalization using Unicode character set
  • high-security by SSL/TLS encryption and dual firewall
  • data entitlement and usage reports available through Reuters DACS
  • load-balancing and failover on server side
  • high performance and scalability: achieves 1 million updates/second, 500,000 concurrent users, and low latency from a single 2 x dual-core CPU server

RMDS2Web Server SE scales up to 500,000 concurrent users using a single 2 x dual-core CPU server. This way the solution is the most cost-effective technology on the market to deliver financial information to a large number of iPhone users.

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