Eze Castle Integration launches professional services group

Source: Eze Castle Integration

Eze Castle Integration, a leading provider of technology and IT services to hedge funds and investment firms, today formally launched its Professional Services Group (PSG) to help clients streamline business processes and maximize technology investments for increased operational efficiency and performance.

The cornerstone services delivered are Strategic Consulting, Software Integration and Custom Software Development.

Eze Castle Professional Services Group has an extensive understanding of the financial industry and business process coupled with deep experience in applying technology solutions. Using a proven methodology, Eze Castle helps clients analyze existing processes, identify inefficiencies and deliver a customized solution that yields greater operational efficiency, sustainable performance and competitive advantage. Professional services delivered include:

  • Strategic Consulting Services: Operational and technical analysis, workflow optimization and technical architecture design to help clients bridge gaps between their operations and technology solutions;
  • Packaged Software Integration: Systems integration of front, middle and back office software to streamline operations and accelerate performance; and
  • Custom Software Development: Software engineering, database design, web development, and Excel integration for highly customized processes.

The Professional Services Group is led by company veteran Mark Coriaty, who brings over 15 years of financial services experience in the areas of strategic planning, operations, risk management, technical architecture and software development. Coriaty and the PSG team have completed multiple projects for hedge funds and fund-of-funds including the development of a custom portal that integrates the data management, accounting and reporting systems of a multi-billion dollar fund.

"Launching a formalized professional services group is a natural extension of Eze Castle Integration's business. The new services complement our deep technology and consulting experience and leverage our strong understanding of the industry to serve the growing technical and operational needs of our clients," said Mark Coriaty, director of professional services at Eze Eze Castle Integration. "Our unique status as a leading hedge fund technology provider has positioned us to address the increased demand for customized systems and applications."

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