Pegasystems unveils BPM platform-as-a-service offering

Source: Pegasystems

Pegasystems (NASDAQ: PEGA), the leader in BPM software, has launched an industry-first BPM Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that gives enterprises the benefits of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) without the limitations, risk, or performance concerns of traditional SaaS technology.

Pegasystems' BPM PaaS is targeted at corporate organisations and business process outsourcers who desire to take advantage of a Software-as-a-Service model while also utilising the power of their internal integration and infrastructure.

Pegasystems leapfrogs existing SaaS technology ensuring integration, security, visibility and reliability that other SaaS offerings do not provide. The Pegasystems BPM Platform-as-a-Service is the only BPM PaaS solution that offers:

  • A thin client development environment and full Web-based user interaction
  • PaaS capability for end-to-end BPM development and execution, not just simple modeling
  • Multi-tenant capability to rapidly deploy and add business-specific BPM to shared enterprise processes
  • An in-house BPM SaaS capability with all of the security and integration of data centre infrastructure
  • Elimination of information silos caused by externally-hosted SaaS applications

"We believe that there are more immediate and practical uses of cloud-enabled technologies than hosted SaaS and using them to encourage BPM adoption and re-use within an extended enterprise makes sense," commented Daryl Plummer, managing VP and Gartner Fellow at the industry analyst firm, Gartner.

"Large organisations host many different communities that need their own specialised processes to evolve," he says. "As a result, they are not likely to entrust change-sensitive mission-critical functions to a commoditised SaaS offering more appropriate for the SMB market."

"Business users have become increasingly intrigued by the SaaS model, but have told us they are not going to trust their mission critical processes, policies and data to an externally hosted environment," said Pegasystems founder and CEO Alan Trefler. "Our new industry-first BPM Platform-as-a-Service removes the risks that customers typically associate with SaaS solutions such as integration, ssecurity, visibility and reliability, so they can focus on applying the benefits that BPM can provide across the enterprise."

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