NSX live with ITRS Geneos

Source: ITRS

ITRS, the world's leading provider of management and monitoring tools for the world's financial community, has today announced that the National Stock Exchange (NSX) has now gone live with ITRS Geneos.

NSX is widely regarded as a technical innovator and high end user of financial technology having introduced a new, state-of-the-art technology platform in 2006.

In the run up to the go live date ITRS was working closely with NSX to ensure that Geneos was fine-tuned to meet NSX's very specific requirements. One of the most attractive aspects of Geneos that prompted NSX's choice is the fact that it is designed specifically for the exacting demands of the financial industry. It is an environment in which standard infrastructure tools would not be capable of providing the required level of control, sophistication or a consolidated view of the whole company.

Saro Jahani, CIO of NSX, believes that there are even greater demands placed on exchanges than the financial institutions they serve, and any problem at an exchange could quickly lead to customers moving elsewhere. In Jahani's experience reactive [system] management simply wouldn't work in NSX's environment. To be of any value it must be proactive, intelligent and specifically designed for the financial markets. Jahani says: "ITRS Geneos sees issues before they become problems and just one or two clicks will take you to the source of the issue. Geneos is extremely flexible and has configurable rules, so my staff and I can be instantly notified of issues in almost any way we choose - email, text, pager, even flashing light bulbs."

The exchange is now using Geneos in most areas of the organisation, across systems, applications and infrastructure with latency monitoring being one of the most important applications. Jahani says that Geneos has been such a success that the exchange is now looking to extend its uses to other areas of their infrastructure. NSX is currently working with ITRS on special features for their Geneos implementation and will be the first financial institution to benefits from the new developments.

Says Stephen Bates, CEO of ITRS: "This has been a very interesting implementation for us. It is always satisfying to see a client who gets so much benefit out of Geneos. We are currently in the process of helping NSX to further extend their use of the product with some new functionality. I am delighted to be working with the exchange because of its high standards and innovative approach to technology."

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