CEO America launches digital currency site

Source: CEO America

CEO America (PINK SHEETS: CEOA) is pleased to announce today that it has launched its new website in the U.S.

The site demonstrates that it is truly a 21st century loyalty payment system that works in tandem and co-operation with both the loyalty and payment industries in the U.S.

The new site has new features such as paying account holders to refer friends and family to go to

Another feature includes a mobile browser allowing account holders to send CREDITZ via CREDITZ Mobile. You can send CREDITZ to a retailer, business, charity or friend even if they don't have a CREDITZ account.

Initially, famous name gift cards such as Starbucks, iTunes and Denny's can be purchased with CREDITZ; however the company's 5-7 year objective is to discontinue this service after a significant market penetration with both online retailers and mainstream retail and businesses. In the meantime, redemption for gift cards will be available, along with the consumer increasingly finding the Get Paid Here stickers at check out and websites of retailers across the country!

Just by joining CREDITZ and filling out a survey you get 200 CREDITZ in your account immediately. To get paid even more CREDITZ, you can log in to refer friends to get a free CREDITZ Account Card.

The site also states, "Save Money and Get Paid to Shop! So before you get in your car and use your gas driving around to find the things you want, log in and check to see if there is a CREDITZ retailer that has exactly what you need, at the price you want to pay and you will also get Paid to Shop!"

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