Xasax signs for Exegy ticker plant

Source: Exegy

Exegy, the innovator behind the Exegy Ticker Plant announced today that Xasax Corporation has become the newest Exegy Ticker Plant customer.

Joining Exegy's client list, which includes London and New York-based international banks, Xasax has decided to lease the "the lowest latency, most advanced ticker plant with the greatest functionality, targeted towards high-frequency traders," according to Noah Lieske, Founder and CEO of Xasax.

Xasax, which markets an ultra-low-latency financial network called the Xasax Financial Backbone, has decided to lease the Exegy Ticker Plant in order to offer a soup-to-nuts, turnkey colocated ticker plant solution, for high-frequency and ultra-low latency traders.

"Right from the beginning, we had a vision of flattening the playing field for traders and creating a very low-latency environment next to the exchange's trade matching engines," said Lieske. "Naturally, we wanted the fastest technology available, with the smallest hardware foot print, for our high density points of presence. That's why we chose the Exegy Ticker Plant to be a core part of our infrastructure."

At an ultra-low latency of 80 microseconds, the Exegy Ticker Plant offers all the functionality of a ticker plant plus an in-depth Virtual Order Book and Basket Calculation Engine. The Virtual Order Book provides a consolidated view across all North American markets. The Basket Calculation Engine calculates 1,024 baskets, indexes or ETFs in the same 80 microseconds of latency

"Our customers are large hedge funds and international banks seeking a competitive advantage," said Jim O'Donnell, Chairman and CEO of Exegy. "Xasax is different in that it is both Vendor of Record and Service Bureau, providing end-to-end trading system infrastructure for smaller hedge funds, proprietary trading desks, and financial service providers."

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