Interbank FX adds nine new cross currency pairs to platform

Source: Interbank FX

Interbank FX, a worldwide provider of online off-exchange retail foreign currency (Forex/FX) trading, today announced the addition of nine new cross currency pairs to its unique multi-bank liquidity platform.

This move rounds off the company's customer offering by providing access to the 28 most commonly traded currency pairs in the world.

"Forex trading is attractive to many investors because of the unparalleled freedom it offers," said IBFX Chairman and President Todd Crosland. "By adding these new cross currency pairs to our platform, we hope to enhance our customers' overall trading experience by offering them more currency options and thus the freedom to trade on their own terms."

While many Forex traders commonly trade the "Majors"-currency pairs that include the Euro, U.S. Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound and Swiss Franc-an increasing number are demanding access to more of a variety of cross currency pairs. In response to this, IBFX has added pair options involving the Danish Krone, Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar and South African Rand.

"We have always taken pride in our customer centric business model," Crosland stated. "In this case, our customers spoke and we listened. With the addition of these currency pairs, we believe that we have succeeded in firmly entrenching ourselves as a true industry player in the Forex realm."


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