Swedbank installs Aleri liquidity management system

Source: Aleri

Aleri, a leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology, today announced that Swedbank has selected the Aleri Liquidity Management System (LMS) to strengthen and enhance management of the bank's liquidity risk across the enterprise.

By implementing an integrated platform like Aleri LMS, Swedbank will be able to identify, measure, monitor and control liquidity risk in real-time.

"The growing international operation in Swedbank requires a much improved support for liquidity management, We looked to Aleri to provide us with a real-time approach to liquidity management, one that more effectively reaches across a banks front, middle and back office systems," said Erik �hman, Head of Operations, Swedbank Markets, Swedbank. "After surveying different liquidity management solutions, we found that Aleri LMS was the only solution that both enabled complete integration of liquidity management, while also allowing for a fast, straightforward, non-intrusive implementation that could grow and expand with our needs."

Aleri's Liquidity Management System (LMS) is the first ever enterprise-class commercial application deployed leveraging complex event processing technology (CEP). It is a unique platform that consolidates bank-wide cash and liquid assets enabling banks to efficiently identify potential sources of liquidity risk and contingency liquidity funding.

Over the past several years, Aleri has witnessed increased interest and use of its Liquidity Management System. Due to recent market turmoil regulators and banks are re-considering the ways and models used to manage liquidity risk. With out a solution like LMS, banks often manage short term forecasting processes from partial, sometimes balance sheet based, information which has major limitations. With LMS, banks can:

� Decrease funding risk and operational costs by automating manual process of consolidating/reconciling liquidity information and as a result enabling banks to more efficiently identify liquidity issues and ways to address them.

� Dramatically increase forecasting accuracy to minimize funding costs and risks by gaining real-time, complete and predictive visibility of liquidity positionns in all currencies and across all business units.

� Enable more informed cross entity and asset class funding decisions.

� Support operational liquidity risk measurement and control in real-time, as well as flexible stress testing modeling.

� Continuously optimize liquidity strategies and contingency planning through trending and behaviour analysis.

� Enable internal and external liquidity charging based upon measured utilization and compliance to SLA's.

"At Aleri, we believe banks will need to clearly separate and complement their long term structural management of liquidity, which is generally well supported through their asset liability management (ALM) tools, by installing a real-time, global, enterprise wide operational liquidity risk management platform based on a stock and flow model," said Herv� Lef�vre, sales director at Aleri. "Aleri LMS is the only system that provides a dedicated application to consolidate in real-time all cash and liquid assets flows and stocks across the whole bank, intraday as well as short-medium term, and that can process information in a way to support the Treasurer funding decision, the Treasury monitoring Operations, as well as the Liquidity Risk measurement, stress testing and control requirements."

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