Credit Suisse AES links to Aqua ATS

Source: Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse's Advanced Execution Services (AES) today announced that it has linked to the Aqua ATS (Alternative Trading System) as a trading destination for all of its algorithmic and direct access systems.

Credit Suisse AES maintains leadership space in liquidity access for its clients by continuously expanding the network of dark pools.

Aqua facilitates safe, easy and convenient delivery of broker block liquidity to buyside trader desktops. Aqua's narrowcasting technology assures brokers that orders they submit can only be viewed by buyside traders already holding contra-orders in their order management system, and only then up to the amount of shares the buyside currently has available to trade.

"AES is committed to bring all liquidity available in a market to our clients in a seamless matter. By striving to be first to connect to every new venue, AES continues to lead the space of accessing dark liquidity," said Dmitri Galinov, a Director and Head of Liquidity Strategy at Credit Suisse AES. "We look forward to partnering with Aqua to offer our clients a new block liquidity source."

"This linkage gives Aqua's buyside participants access to Credit Suisse's substantial flow of block liquidity," said Kevin Foley, President and Chief Executive of Aqua. "We are excited to work with Credit Suisse in combining the Aqua model of direct delivery of hard-to-find block liquidity. With this partnership, we can deliver directly to the buyside trader's desktop additional unique liquidity with unprecedented safety and convenience. Credit Suisse's participation brings new depth to the block flow contributed by over 150 mid-tier and regional firms," concluded Mr. Foley.

Credit Suisse and Aqua have commenced trading and are seeing results reflective of the expertise and experience this partnership provides.

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