Slib unveils middle-office platform for pan-European brokers

Source: Slib

Being one of the world's international players in the securities field means being able to implement global strategies to match the ambitions of the "trade anywhere, settle anywhere" concept, as well as knowing how to use the specificities of each country skillfully in order to make the best of local opportunities.

Many TMF (Trading Member Firm) brokers have already set out along this route and can now offer their clients real pan-European services.

This diversity requires total control in terms of information systems. Indeed, these companies are confronted with a triple challenge: consistency, risk control and consolidation of the information flows across all locations, required for proper operation of their middle office.

To ensure uniform monitoring and to coordinate all activities overall, SLIB provides one platform, a real middle office value chain, one language that is shared by all locations to rationalize processing.

Connection to each country's OMS, trades allocation, valuation, confirmation and posting, settlement instructions generation, and dispatch of accounting data to general ledger tools: all middle-office tasks are centralized, rationalized and processed on one single platform.

The SLIB middle office platform constitutes a real pan-European offer and is already used by 3 SLIB customers. It covers ca. 15 market places, Chi-X included: Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Milan, Vienna, Madrid ... The platform was designed to enable integration of additional market places as required.

Now grown to a real service for both internal and external clients, the middle office can benefit from high added value data for its customers via this platform.

Better reactivity, consistency of activity management, a single language for all teams and all clients, without losing any of the local processing particularities, are just some of the huge benefits offered by this solution.

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