De La Rue and Transoft form alliance

Source: De La Rue

De La Rue, the world's largest commercial security printer and cash sorting company, today announces a strategic global relationship with Transoft International, Inc., providers of currency supply chain management solutions.

This powerful combination of expertise will benefit all bulk cash handling organisations who can now expect a comprehensive range of integrated products, services and support specifically designed to improve the efficiency and security of their cash centers.

De La Rue is commited to providing a total business approach to ensure ultimate control in cash handling. Transoft, International Inc., with its supply chain optimisation capabilities, dovetails perfectly into De La Rue's extensive range of cash systems. Global Director, Enterprise Cash Management at De La Rue, Jon Ryley, explains the origins of this significant industry alliance: "De La Rue and Transoft were visiting a mutual customer to see how its cash centre was benefiting from the use of our respective software. During the visit it became clear that there was a mutually beneficial opportunity to successfully extend each company's product and service offering to new and existing customers."

Transoft International Inc. specialises in software that forecasts and optimises the supply chain demands for currency. The core solutions deliver decision support for the management of currency levels held within a cash centre and at all points in the associated funding chain. This automated optimisation of the cash holdings and distribution is delivered through a daily analysis of the complex business rules and costs while assessing consumer demand across the supply chain.

Bulk cash handling organisations can rely on De La Rue as a one-stop-shop when investing in vault technology, and importantly, gain peace of mind through the security and support synonomous with the De La Rue brand. De La Rue will embark on training initiatives across the range of Transoft products - ensuring seamless first line customer support and expertise.

President of Transoft, Bo H. Holmgreen adds, "De La Rue clearly has the reputation and relationships at the highest level with financial institituations around the world. We recognised a strong opportunity to substantially increase our joint market share, whilst adding value to our respective core competences. This is truly a strategic relationship from which all involved will benefit."

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