Information Mosaic receives SwiftReady corporate actions label

Source: Information Mosaic

SWIFT has awarded the Corporate Actions SWIFTReady label to the CAMA™ application from Information Mosaic, the provider of modern middle and back office solutions to the financial industry.

The SWIFTReady Corporate Actions Lablel enables SWIFT's customers to effectively shortlist corporate actions applications. A strict definition of the correct business flows for the ISO 15022 Corporate Action messages and adherence to Global Market Practice guidelines, are part of the Label criteria.

Grace O'Donnell, Vice President of Global Accounts believes that the award not only speaks of the quality of the CAMA solution, but also supports one of the Information Mosaic’s major design principles. "From the outset, we built our CAMA™ product, as well as our middle and back office product, converg-e, based upon industry standards, such as SWIFT, ISO 15022, and XML. The award validates that decision."

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