Standard Chartered First Bank Korea signs for Teradata CRM system

Source: Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in enterprise data warehousing, today announced that Standard Chartered First Bank Korea (SCFB) has selected Teradata Relationship Manager (TRM), a comprehensive analytics and marketing automation software portfolio for customer relationship management (CRM).

This software package is designed to help marketers fully leverage the power, speed and real-time capabilities of the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), which is the foundation for the bank's business intelligence management system.

Teradata Relationship Manager combines marketing analytics to explore customer behavior and interests - with a range of capabilities to engage customers wherever they prefer to interact. This enables more intelligent and profitable customer interactions, matching personalized messages to banking customers at the best time and point of service. Banks typically use event-triggered customer contact, enabled by TRM, to ensure peak timing and relevance to individual customers. This results in peak marketing productivity and return on investment, optimizing communication through the customer's preferred channels such as email, call center, mobile phone text messaging (SMS), direct mail, point of service (POS) and ATMs.

"The goal of our project is to change the traditional product-push business model into a more customer-driven model. We want to deliver customized services in an effort to enhance customer loyalty and provide measurable customer value," said Yountaek Lee, General Manager of SCFB's CVM (Customer Value Management) Division. "Teradata's advanced technology and industry-leading expertise will help the bank to devise a more customer-driven strategy, maximize sales and build a customer-friendly brand image through closer communication."

"Teradata is pleased to assist SCFB in its endeavor to achieve the goal of 'Customer First'," said Con Vass, country manager for Teradata Korea. "SCFB is a leader in customer relationship management and the first bank in South Korea to utilize a full customer-focused marketing approach. They are our partner and we will support them as they continue to grow." The adoption of TRM will serve as an upgrade to the existing Teradata CRM software.

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