Excelian to offer Integrasoft Active Grid Management technology

Source: Excelian

Excelian today announced its partnership with Integrasoft to provide installation and support of Integrasoft's Active Grid Management (AGM) product.

Comprehensive view and management of large Grid Infrastructures are a high priority with clients; Excelian will be working with Integrasoft to offer AGM to its client base, world wide. The AGM Architecture and its family of Grid Middleware and Infrastructure Adapters yield a real-time operational view and control path into grid providing a true management system.

"This technology provides much needed visibility in a real-time grid environment" says Dr. Adam Vile Head of Grid and HPC Technology Computing of Excelian. "as institutions move to larger, integrated, utility grids AGM will be invaluable"

Michael Di Stefano, Partner in Integrasoft is excited about partnering with Excelian "The team at Excelian lead by Dr. Vile is at the top of the grid technology space; their recognition of AGM as a vital offering to their clients is validation that AGM is the right product at the right time. Their reach into the European market will be instrumental to position AGM as a key component in the enterprise utility. We will work together to ensure our mutual success."

IntegraSoft Active Grid Management (AGM):

Integrasoft facilitates Grid and Virtualization Adoption through product and services. Today the greatest challenge is management of grids, a critical step on the path to virtualization. Working with our clients, we have embodied the features and function to meet the demanding requirement of real-time monitoring of vast distributed environments without stressing the critical components of the infrastructure. The result is Holistic Real-Time View of the fill Grid Service Stack, Smart Analysis, and Adaptive Actions to keep the Grid in true Operational Steady State, ensuring the Lines of Business SLA's with the Grid Utility are met.

Active Grid Management is an adaptive framework with pre-built adapters into the various components of the grid. Within each adapter data is correlated, analyzed, and action taken (notification/corrective a actions). Across all adapters exceptions are cross correlated in Real-Time to quickly detect, notify, and correct the root cause of the problem. This is important for two reasons; an exception condition in one area of the Grid can cause waves of exceptions through out the entire Grid Utility Service Stack, infrastructure to middleware to business. This is known as the butterfly effect. The longer the butterfly's wings flap the further away from Steady State the Utility becomes. The further away from Operational of Steady State the Utility is the more likely the lines of business are affected and the more drastic action is needed to fix the problems.

Active Grid Management objective is to identify the root cause of a problem and notify and correct the problem before it affects the entire Utility. Clip the butterfly's wings as soon as they start to flap.

Active Grid Management is neither to replace the Enterprise Management Tools already in place nor to impose operational policy changes at the client. It is to dove-tail with existing tools and policies. This is accomplished by enabling full extensibility to monitoring and corrective action across the entire Utility Service Stack, including the inclusion of the Business Applications running on the Grid. 

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