Xenomorph updates data and analytics management system

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph has launched an update of its TimeScape data and analytics management system with enhanced data cleansing and validation encompassing '4-eyes' or two-user approval.

The leading data and analytics management platform for derivatives, risk and trading has worked with clients to meet the challenges resulting from recent regulatory pressure on data quality, audit trail requirements and data validation processes.

The '4-Eyes' feature enables the approval process for market data to be split into multiple stages, requiring more than one user to mark a piece of data as officially approved. Typically configured as a two-user process, this '4-eyes' validation of information is an increasingly important requirement for data used within risk reporting and regulatory compliance.

This builds on Xenomorph's strength in market data management, encompassing both standardised and customisable rules for cleansing real-time and historic market data, plus derived financial objects such as curves and spread curves. In addition to batch rules for cleansing data, this release also offers interactive 'data rules' for dynamic, on-the-fly, interpolation of missing data from multiple data sources and proxy instruments.

"Cleansing, validation and audit is a vital area of data management in financial markets, and one that is set to become more challenging as data volumes and complexity grow," said Chris Budgen, Chief Technology Architect at Xenomorph. "High quality data is the essential component of good risk management practice, and an area where there are many gains to be made in increasing data transparency and decreasing manual intervention."


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