DTCC implements Mazu Profiler

Source: Mazu Networks

Mazu Networks, the leading provider of behavior-based, enterprise-class performance and availability solutions, today announced that The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) - the world's largest post-trade infrastructure organization, providing clearance, settlement and information services to the financial marketplace - selected Mazu Profiler to gain end-to-end visibility into the performance and availability of its complex application architecture.

DTCC uses this expanded visibility to optimize network planning and operations in addition to protecting critical network assets.

Through Network Behavior Analysis (NBA), Mazu Profiler offers organizations a new way of looking at the IT infrastructure and provides significant value to network, security and data center operations teams. By using Mazu Profiler's comprehensive behavior-based analytics, the DTCC team gains a true end-to-end view of the application delivery path from back-end servers to the users' desktops. Mazu Profiler learns the typical behavior patterns for hundreds of key performance indicators on the interactions of and dependencies between users, applications, network and systems. Mazu Profiler is the only solution that uses advanced behavior-based technologies to analyze traffic to detect application performance and availability, congestion and security issues to ensure the constant delivery of critical business applications.

"DTCC is always evaluating new approaches to improve our business processes and security," said Neil Wasserman, vice president, information technology, DTCC. "Through Mazu Profiler, our IT operations and security teams can share common data that enables DTCC to optimize infrastructure to support our business, resolving performance and availability issues while also protecting critical applications, data and intellectual property."

Using Mazu Profiler, DTCC also lowered their mean time to repair (MTTR), thereby reducing costs significantly. Mazu Profiler enabled this reduction by equipping DTCC with information on who uses which applications, how often and how much, along with intelligence on server-to-server and application-to-server dependencies. From this information, DTCC can create application-focused host groups, identify application port usage, create meaningful port groups and use rule-based events customized for the DTCC environment. Having access to historical data about typical activity enables DTCC to make educated decisions on the actions they need to take to identify the root cause of any infrastructure issue.

"Financial networks support critical business functions, which makes consistent application performance and availability a requisite," said Paul Brady, chief executive officer, Mazu Networks, Inc. "Mazu Profiler provides DTCC with a complete view of their network operations and security, allowing the company to prevent the disruption of normal business operations as well as protect its critical assets from compromise."

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