Wachovia boosts online applications with Web analytics

Source: WebSideStory

WebSideStory, a leading provider of on-demand Web analytics, today announced that Wachovia Corporation is using the company's analytics service, HBX, to improve its online business performance.

With assets of $418 billion, Wachovia is one of the largest providers of financial services to retail, brokerage and corporate customers throughout the East Coast and the nation. Wachovia uses the HBX service to streamline navigation and improve usability, thereby increasing the number of online applications for its investment products. In addition, Wachovia relies on HBX analytic reports to measure hundreds of online campaigns, both regional and statewide.

"We value our partnership with WebSideStory," says Ilieva Ageenko, Wachovia's director of Emerging Enterprise Applications. "The service and support have been great. In addition, the company has given us valuable influence over its product development. HBX is an important part of our online operations."

Wachovia is using the HBX service to increasing conversion rates by analyzing how visitors behave on its sites, including pinpointing optimal paths to conversion. This has enabled it to increase the number of online applications for everything from, credit cards to home loans. It has also contributed to improved marketing ROI, by measuring a wide variety of regional and statewide marketing campaigns, from banner ads to newsletters By viewing navigational patterns and most request content, Wachovia can also improve site usability by ensuring that visitors find what they need.

"Wachovia is a strong leader in the financial services industry and we are pleased to be a part of their online success," says Steve Pardue, senior vice president, financial services, for WebSideStory, Inc. "Wachovia's input into our product development pipeline helps ensure that we have the simplest and most relevant service for the financial services industry."

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