FFastFill ASP accredited by IPE

Source: FFastFill

FFastFill today announced that their ASP offering has become the first to be accredited by the IPE (International Petroleum Exchange) for direct connection to their new Redditch IT Hub.

The connection will enable IPE members to access the Internet based InterchangeTM trading platform and will be particularly important when IPE’s electronic-only morning trading begins on November 1.

This ultra-quick 2 Megabit connection will allow FFastFill to provide the fastest solution on the market. Traders not already connected to the IPE’s online platform will be able to hook up to FFastFill ASP within 48 hours without the need for additional software installation at the client’s site.

Keith Todd, FFastFill's Executive Chairman says: "Having built our industrial strength Application Service and combined it with 24x7 Service Level Agreements, FFastFill have already set the benchmark for the rest of the market. We are delighted that the IPE have given us the opportunity to help them and their customers break new ground and exploit the opportunities of trading electronically. Our newly combined team has once again proven themselves pioneers in the marketplace, reducing cost of ownership and driving up expectations."

Richard Ward, CEO of the International Petroleum Exchange, comments: "I am delighted that FFastFill have made this commitment which will greatly help our members as we make this important transition to electronic trading."

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