Alliance & Leicester launches mobile text alerts

Source: Alliance & Leicester

With mobile phones an essential part of everyday life, and the need to keep a sharp eye on finances even more important in the current economic climate, Alliance & Leicester's current account customers will be able to keep better track of their cash thanks to the introduction of Text Alerts.

Alliance & Leicester customers are now able, through Mobile Banking, to be texted when their current account balance reaches certain levels set by them, so they will be able to tell when their wages reach their account, or when their balance reaches a lower level, as well as being able to access up-to-the minute balances and mini statements on the go.

According to research* from Alliance & Leicester one quarter (25%) of British adults admit they pay no attention to budgeting, and have little time to keep a check on their finances. Major advances in Alliance & Leicester's Mobile Banking offers current account customers the opportunity to keep a closer eye on cash going in and out of their accounts.

Ian Tandy, Director of E-Commerce at Alliance & Leicester said: "Today's modern lifestyle is fast-paced, and it seems that no-one goes anywhere or does anything without their mobile phone. By improving our Mobile Banking service, people can now find out that their wages have gone in, or easily check that they have enough money to cover their proposed weekend activities. Life and finances will be so much easier."

With one third (33%) of those who worry about money claiming they are concerned about their finances in the run up to payday** Alliance & Leicester's new Text Alert Service will be a real benefit to many.

Ian Tandy continues: "We aim to make it as easy as possible for people to manage their money, especially at the moment as our busy lifestyles mean that money may be tight. So whether people have registered with Mobile Banking to access their balance, view a mini-statement or use Text Alerts to check the status of their account, the service will help them keep an eye on their cash, and make the necessary but often time-consuming job of managing money easier, especially at the end of the month."

In order to use mobile banking, customers need to register by:

* Logging into Alliance & Leicester Internet banking, selecting the 'Mobile Banking' optio'io' option from the left hand menu and following the on-screen instructions, or
* Visiting the website and selecting 'Register', or
* Texting A-L to 82428 to register via their mobile phone.

The service gives customers secure access to their account information - wherever they are in the world. All customers' details are protected by a personal passcode and the information is automatically deleted from the phone's memory - ensuring that if the handset is lost or stolen that personal data is not compromised and remains secure.

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