Marshall & Ilsley licenses Calypso technology for derivatives processing

Source: Marshall & Ilsley

Calypso Technology Inc, a global provider of an integrated trading application suite to the capital markets industry, announced that Wisconsin-based Marshall & Ilsley Corporation (M&I), a diversified financial services corporation, has selected the Calypso software solution to support the firm's growing derivatives business.

M&I is implementing the Calypso solution to support front-to-back trading and processing of a wide array of instruments including credit, equity, interest rate and FX derivatives, as well as commodities.

M&I will benefit from Calypso's front-office tools for structuring products and managing real-time intraday risk as well as market risk and capital analysis. Through greater automation of processes for the front-, middle- and back-offices, the Calypso software installation will provide M&I with the ability to trade complex products while improving efficiency and reducing operational risk and costs.

"The Calypso system will provide M&I with valuable tools that will significantly enhance our ability to provide risk management products to our clients," said Bob Harless, senior vice president, capital markets, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank.

"M&I selected Calypso as part of our strategy to offer our clients the best possible service," said Gary Schnell, vice president, capital markets operations, M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank. "The combination of Calypso Technology's partnership approach, robust functionality, front-to-back capabilities, and Calypso Fast-Track made the company and its Calypso software application the best choice to support our growing business."

Calypso Fast-Track is a groundbreaking new software product designed to assist new and existing customers with their rapid implementation and deployment of the Calypso application. Calypso Fast-Track offers new users with the opportunity to quickly familiarize themselves with the Calypso application in a simulated live environment, providing pre-configured data 'out-of-the-box' within Calypso's front-to-back office application, including risk management, reporting and accounting.

"We are very pleased to be working with M&I," says Charles Marston, CEO of Calypso. "We are committed to providing a best-of-breed solution for regional banks and are looking forward to supporting M&I as they continue to grow.."

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