Moneybookers says five million accounts opened in Europe

Source: Moneybookers

Moneybookers, one of Europe's largest online payment systems, today reached its target of opening five million accounts well in advance of schedule after enjoying rapid growth in Europe.

Moneybookers, which is now one of the largest providers of e-wallets worldwide, also now offers an extensive payment network and combines a limitless money transfer service with local payment options in more than 40 countries for online shopping and transactions.

"Our simple and cost-effective payment solution allows every online merchant to offer its goods or services to anyone all over the world by accepting an unrivalled choice of domestic payment options and currencies - making e-commerce as borderless as the internet", comments Martin Ott, Co-CEO of Moneybookers. "At the same time, online shoppers can use the free Moneybookers account to pay online quickly and safely, without having to give out their personal banking details.

Using a Moneybookers e-wallet, money can be transferred at very low cost to anyone in the world in real-time. Even if the designated recipient does not own a Moneybookers account, the transfer can still be carried through to anyone with an email address. In this case, the recipient is notified of the deposit and given instructions for setting up a free account and claiming the payment.

"As well as providing a simple and cost-effective solution, we also have a highly viral business model which has helped drive customer acquisition", continues Ott. "We're also becoming increasingly popular with merchants as our payment gateway is so easy to integrate and we guarantee zero chargebacks."

Unlike other money transfer services, Moneybookers offers very low fees and a very transparent fee structure. Getting registered, managing your account and receiving money are totally free of charge with Moneybookers. For money transactions between two account holders, the sender pays only 1 per cent of the transferred amount or just 40 pence - whichever rate is cheaper.

At the same the Moneybookers offers one of the securest payment solutions worldwide. A specially arranged security department is able to unconditionally guarantee that their customers' personal data is protected while sending and receiving money.

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