Colombia and Lima exchanges mull integration

Source: Colombia Stock Exchange, Lima Stock Exchange

The Colombia and Lima Stock Exchanges are exploring alternatives for a possible integration of their equities markets, which trade daily around USD 50 million on average.

A statement by Colombia stock exchange affirmed that both exchanges have approached their respective authorities to study the feasibility of the project.

The two exchanges are now exploring options for possible integration while preserving local structures, as indicated by the Colombian market. Peru is the main destination for Colombian investments abroad, which is particularly concentrated in the energy sector. More information on the progress of these negotiations will probably be available by the end of the year.

The Lima Stock Exchange confirmed talks by executives of both markets, although it reported that it was premature to establish the manner and date by which the integration will take place. Roberto Hoyle, president of the Peruvian stock exchange, in a statement said:"We are very interested in the possibility of a future integration of our equity markets first and later the fixed income markets.

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