SAS signs Malaysia's Eon Bank

Source: SAS

EON Bank Group (EON) has embarked to transform its business by adopting an aggressive technology growth through partnership with SAS Malaysia.

Speaking at a signing ceremony with SAS Malaysia today, EON Bank Group Chief Executive Officer, Albert Lau Yiong said "In today's fast evolving business environment, companies that wish to progress ahead of others, must have a competitive edge."

EON's strategic priorities include achieving sustainable and profitable growth by building scale in conventional as well as Islamic Banking businesses.

The Group had recently launched "Project Quantum Leap" where strategic initiatives including building the required infrastructure was formulated and projects with the biggest impact on revenue growth were prioritised.

The business initiatives that are currently being implemented range from initiatives that are linked directly to improve various businesses as well as initiatives geared towards improving the underlying organisation structure, systems and processes.

To achieve its "Project Quantum Leap" objectives, EON will be investing about RM25million over a period of five years, in integrated banking intelligence solutions from SAS Malaysia which aims to improve the structure, control and consistency of its data landscape and organization to enable better performance management, efficient and accurate reporting and to support the initiatives of the various business units.

The holistic Banking Intelligence Solutions from SAS is tailored to the unique needs of the banking industry. SAS Banking Intelligence Solutions will be used to improve customer relationship management, business performance management, risk management, compliance and systems performance. In addition, an enterprise -wide business scorecard with banking -specific key performance indicators (KPIs) would provide a single, strategic view of an enterprise to help drive the banking strategies forward.

"The enterprise wide implementation in EON Bank Group will mark a new era in the bank's pursuit to reinvent banking for its customers," said Jimmy Cheah, Managing Director of SAS Malaysia.

"Equipped with the power to know and supported by the right people, EON Bank Group will be able to transform its operations to be more efficient, customer-focused and achieve its aim to be a relationship driven financial institution."

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