Aleri upgrades CEP platform

Source: Aleri

Aleri, a leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology, announced today that the beta version of the Aleri Streaming Platform 3.0 is available for download on the Aleri Website.

The Aleri Streaming Platform is an enterprise-class platform enabling rapid implementation of real-time applications that analyze fast moving data streams in order to provide continuous insight and immediate response.

Version 3.0 further simplifies the processes of building and deploying new applications faster, without the need for specialized real-time programming skills. Aleri's enhanced CEP platform features a new streamlined look and feel for enhanced ease of use along with several significant new features and updates including advanced pattern matching capabilities and integrated connectivity.

"Integration has consistently been one of the biggest challenges in CEP; consuming over 60% of the effort of the average project," said Adam Honoré, senior analyst at Aite Group. "Taking a more standardized approach to connectivity is essential to a viable long-term enterprise CEP strategy."

Highlights of the new release include:

• New Look and Feel for Aleri Studio - Aleri's visual modeling tool is now more intuitive to use, minimizing the learning curve to make you productive faster. Based on the Eclipse framework, the Studio includes tools for modeling as well as testing, debugging and optimizing your application
• Integrated Connectivity - a extensive set of built-in connecters for fast and convenient integration with data sources and destinations, eliminating the need for separate adapters in many cases
• Advanced Pattern Matching capabilities - a new pattern matching syntax which facilitates the definition of complex patterns of events and the output to be produced when they occur
• Streamlined AleriML - Aleri's xml-based event processing language has been simplified and streamlined for improved efficiency
• Enhanced SPLASH scripting - Aleri's SPLASH scripting language, which overcomes the limitations of standard SQL-style relational operators, has been enhanced with new data strructures including vectors, dictionaries and an eventCache as well as new data types. With SPLASH, Aleri provides the industry's only hybrid CEP platform that combines SQL relational operators with the flexibility and control of an imperative scripting language.

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