Yodlee launches expedited payments offering for online banking sites

Source: Yodlee

Yodlee, today announced that Yodlee PayToday - Yodlee's leading expedited payments solution - is now available as a revenue generating addition to any financial institution's online banking website.

With Yodlee PayToday, financial institutions can take immediate advantage of the opportunity to generate new fee revenue by offering their customers the convenience of guaranteed, same-day electronic payments to hundreds of national and regional billers across multiple biller categories, including: credit cards, mortgage, auto finance, insurance, utilities, cable and wireless.

An Opportunity for New Revenue

Recent research points to rapidly increasing demand for fee-based, expedited payments:

  • Over 35 percent of U.S. consumers use expedited payments today(1)
  • 75 percent of the top 50 U.S. banks are offering or planning to offer expedited payments(2)
  • Fee revenue from expedited payment services will grow to roughly $1.7 billion by 2009 - a CAGR of 11 percent.(3)

"We think the data is very convincing, leaving little doubt that there is growing consumer demand for expedited payments, in particular through the online channel," said Joseph Polverari, SVP Strategy and Development at Yodlee. "Part of the difficulty in converting consumer demand into financial institution revenue, lies in having a meaningful network of mainstream billers. Through Yodlee PayToday, Yodlee is able to deliver hundreds of well-known national and regional billers, such that a typical bill paying consumer could expect to be able to pay four or more monthly bills on an expedited basis, as necessary. This translates into a very big revenue opportunity for financial institutions. We're not aware of any provider, other than Yodlee, that can deliver as rich an assortment of relevant billers across all of the major biller categories."

Easy Installation/Integration with Existing Solutions and Websites

"At Yodlee, we recognize that online bill pay is becoming cost prohibitive for many financial institutions, especially in today's difficult economic environment," said Bill Parsons, SVP Field Operations at Yodlee. "In response, we've made Yodlee PayToday available on a stand-alone basis, ready to integrate into existing solutions with little effort and no service disruption. The feedback we've been receiving is consistent and positive - Yodlee PayToday is a great, low cost way to get started generating new revenue now, while at the same time establishing the foundation to leverage additional revenue generating Yodlee products in the future. Our new solutions, like Yodlee PayToday, make it easier than ever to start with one Yodlee feature or component and migrate up to the full solutions suite over time."

Several institutions are already in deployment with Yodlee PayToday, as one of several Yodlee powered ways to re-coup the costs and generate new revenue from online bill payment.

Key Benefits of Yodlee PayToday:

  • Easy integration into existing online banking and bill payment services
  • Broadest market reach to hundreds of national and regional billers
  • End-to-end electronic execution of transactions to lower costs and increase profits
  • Easy migration up to additional Yodlee products

Yodlee PayToday is available now as a revenue generating enhancement to existing solutions or as an integrated component of Yodlee's comprehensive online bill pay solution - Yodlee BillPay PayItAll.

Key Benefits of Yodlee BillPay PayItAll:

  • Pay any biller
  • Low cost, next-day electronic payments standard
  • Proprietary, revenue generating credit and debit card-based payments
  • Revenue generating, fee-based expedited payments
  • Mobile payments
  • Intelligent payment routing (for least cost and/or most profit)
  • Complete electronic presentment for nearly 3,000 bills
  • Risk based and good funds disbursement models
  • Optional integration with Yodlee PersonalFinanceTM and Yodlee FundsTransferTM
  • Complete customer care (Tier 1 and 2)
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Full conversion capabilities

(1) Edgar Dunn & Co.

(2)Aite Group

(3)Javelin Strategy & Research

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