Source Technologies hires Durnford to lead London sales office

Source: Source Technologies

Source Technologies, a leading provider of integrated solutions for secure print transactions and self-service kiosks, has opened an international sales office and appointed John Durnford, VP International Sales.

Introducing their first international office, located in the United Kingdom, demonstrates Source Technologies' commitment to the EMEA market.

Durnford brings with him 30 years of experience in international sales: more than 20 years with two U.S. based companies. His expertise in building international sales channels and his ability to communicate in multiple languages will contribute to a more significant understanding of the requirements of the individual EMEA markets.

"Being Source Technologies' EMEA 'feet on the street' means being able to directly deliver the corporate message and offer a local resource to international customers," said Durnford.

For years Source Technologies has enjoyed relationships with customers and business partners outside of the United States, but this is the first time the company has established an office to support its international sales efforts.

"Having representation in EMEA allows Source Technologies to gain a closer view of how the rest of the world is doing business," said William Bouverie, CEO. "As well as expanding our sales efforts, this global resource will give us a fresh perspective and make us a more dynamic company overall."


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