Julius Finance tops up seed funding round

Source: Julius Finance

Julius Finance, the leaders in model fusion for the $58 trillion dollar credit derivatives market, today announced that due to overwhelming interest it has topped up its seed round at a substantial uplift in valuation.

This brings the seed round investment to over US$1m, subscribed to by some of the brightest minds on Wall Street. Julius's groundbreaking technology is rapidly leveling the playing field for participants in the $58 trillion dollar credit derivatives market, delivering dealer-beating analytics, relative value signals and essential risk analysis.

The seed-stage funding is being used to drive core development of the underlying technology and commercialization of JuliusProp, an enhanced analytic data service for end users which provides a full range of market implied risk metrics, exotic prices, and forward looking analysis uniquely derived using next generation unified credit models. Calibrated using the full set of observed CDS quotes, CDX and iTraxx tranche and index prices, JuliusProp, a software-as-a-service offering, serves the needs of participants looking for deep and analytics to evaluate market conditions, possible scenarios as well as implications of those prices.

Also available now through CMA Datavision is JuliusBridge, which delivers indicative price levels for custom synthetic collaterized debt obligations (CDOs) for many maturities and attachment points. JuliusBridge has provided accurate end of day numbers during times of crisis when industry standard model have not.

"We are overwhelmed by investor interest in our seed financing round", said Peter Cotton, CEO and
Founder of Julius Finance, "We look forward to building Julius Finance into a world class company".

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