Satyam and Tyfone team on mobile banking

Source: Satyam Computer Services

Satyam Computer Services (NYSE:SAY), a leading global consulting and IT services provider, announced today that it has entered into an alliance with Tyfone, a global provider of mobile financial services, infrastructure and fully-integrated mobile payments capabilities.

The companies will collaborate to provide businesses with an even greater edge when competing in the mobile financial services sector. The alliance combines Satyam's deep domain expertise and system integration experience with Tyfone's complete mobile financial services infrastructure and will provide institutions with enhanced solutions and technology.

Tyfone's technology suite currently encompasses an independent, issuer-branded solution for secure mobile banking, mobile contactless payments, mobile retail, mobile remittance, and mobile identity management services, enabling institutions to communicate quickly with their customers via mobile phones. By joining with Satyam, Tyfone will be able to provide comprehensive mobility solutions that include the best system integration, product customization, and end-to-end lifecycle services available on the market today.

"We chose to partner with Tyfone because their platform is issuer-centric, enabling issuer-branded mobile financial services to have complete lifecycle control over the mobile financial services offering," said Satyam Co-Founder and CEO B. Rama Raju. "Tyfone provides a combination of value and differentiation across the spectrum of mobility, including device and carrier independence for Near-Field-Communication-based contactless payments. Tyfone has successfully developed a superior product and made it simple for customers to adopt."

The vision of the partnership between Satyam and Tyfone is to provide best-in-class product solutions and implementations to clients, with end-to-end lifecycle management and a focus on speed-to-client benefit.

"Having Satyam as a partner, with its global reach, deep domain expertise and vast experience in system integration and consultancy services provides our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage," said Tyfone Chief Executive Officer Tom Spitzer. "Satyam has the same razor-sharp understanding of customer needs that we do, which makes our partnership a natural fit."

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