Nordea to roll out 500 Wincor Nixdorf payment ATMs in Finland

Source: Nordea

Nordea will modernise its payment ATMs in Finland. For customers the use of the ATMs will be easier than before, and it will be possible to make euro-denominated SEPA payments as well. The ATMs will work with chip cards.

The 500 new payment ATMs will be rolled out gradually during 2009. The first new ATMs will be available in early summer 2009, at the same time as the existing ATMs will be removed from service.

"We want to offer our customers different alternatives for paying bills. The existing payment ATMs have become outdated and need upgrading. By keeping the payment ATMs in service and upgrading them we ensure that our customers can continue to pay their bills at ATMs and do it more easily and safely," says Head of Unit Jukka Hieta.

A card with a chip is a safer means of paying bills and purchases than a card with a magnetic stripe. Nordea encourages its customers to start using cards with chips this year. In the future, it will be possible to use all personal customers' chip cards issued by Nordea at payment ATMs.

Nordea has nearly 400,000 customers that mainly pay their bills at ATMs.

The supplier of Nordea's new payment ATMs is Wincor Nixdorf Oy, which is also responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the new ATMs.

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