Aim Software upgrades data management platform

Source: Aim Software

Aim Software, a leading provider of enterprise data management solutions, today announced the new release of its flagship data management product Gain.

AIM Software's GAIN platform offers extended facilities for golden copy management and new support for Windows Server 2008 / Windows Vista.

The modular and scalable reference data management platform GAIN enables clients to process data of a multitude of the world's leading end-of-day and real-time data feeds.

The main challenge in reference data management lies in the reduction of manual exception handling by automatic data scrubbing rules. The newest release GAIN 4.1 offers extensions to the golden copy platform, providing advanced data consolidation functionalities along with improved usability and an enhanced user interface. The recent release helps to further boost the management of data quality by an extended audit trail, historization and error-logging and hence further supports the reduction of error-prone manual work. In addition the overall performance could be further increased by unlocking processing synergies.

"The new release reflects the growing demands of our clients. Based on the feedback of our large customer base and our regular market research we enhanced GAIN by a number of new functionalities and further improved already existing features," said Martin Buchberger, Head of Marketing and Sales at AIM Software. "We put a strong emphasis on continuous product improvement, enabling our clients to optimize their data management processes and to provide them with an intuitive and future-proof solution that can be implemented in only days or weeks."

Like former versions, GAIN 4.1 is a modular and scalable enterprise data management platform. The out-of-the-box approach and the modularity can cover both the needs of small-, medium and large-size financial institutions.

"AIM Software's philosophy is not a brute force STP approach, but we first analyze the return of each project step and then focus on achieving a smooth and cost-efficient automation of existing manual processes," Buchberger continued.

So far AIM Software's solution has more than 110 reference installations worldwide, including banks, insurances and fund managers in the United States, the main European financial centres and in Japan. GAIN 4.1 is scheduled to be rolled out in about 10 financial institutions in the second half of 2008.

Summary of features of GAIN 4.1:

  • NEW: Support for Windows Vista / Windows Server 2008
  • NEW: XML Reports for user-friendly searching, filtering and browsing in Title Bulletin Reports
  • NEW: templates for normalisation of main fields of major data feeds out of the box (Telekurs, Reuters, Bloomberg etc.)
  • NEW: Inventory Management for tracking and cost accounting of requests from several entities
  • Extended and improved Historization for easier access to historical data
  • Extended and improved Audit Trail for better tracking of modified data
  • Improved Corporate Actions Diary System
  • Easier navigation and faster implementation of business logic and workflows
  • Data model enhancements in the area of baskets, holiday calendars, taxes, EUSD, Funds, MiFID, corporate actions
  • Comprehensive multi-entity functions
  • Enhanced Deployment mechanism for faster roll-out of business logic

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