Onix unveils Hotspot FXi FIX and data technology

Source: Onix Solutions

Onix Solutions, a leading provider of financial market connectivity, trading solutions and FIX-enabled software, today announces the release of a FIX engine and ITCH real-time market data solution set integrated with Hotspot FXi, a leading institutional foreign exchange trading ECN.

The Onix Solutions offering provides FX market participants with a turn key integration package to Hotspot FXi that is pre-certified enabling clients to connect to the ECN quickly without having to undergo separate certifications.

"We are excited about the availability of this "turn key" solution for FX market participants who are increasingly challenged by the array of price feed adaptors they must integrate to in their quest to obtain optimal liquidity," said R. Keith Lite, Global Director of Business Development, Hotspot FX, Inc. "Onix's products streamline this process and should be useful for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently integrate to our marketplace."

Onix's Hotspot FIX Engine SDK is an easy-to-use .NET, C++ and Java API adapter that provides high throughput, ultra low latency performance. It is open source and provided with extensive trading market data sample enabling clients to work with Hotspot FXi's LiveLink FIX 4.2 gateway out of the box, pre-certified and fully maintained.

Onix's ITCH Handler supports Hotspot FXi's streaming, real-time market data feed. It is written on a business objects level for .NET 2.0 API, an approach that significantly simplifies the access to order book information from the Hotspot FXi ECN.

The source code for both products is also available on a license basis.

"Hotspot FXi's five-millisecond median trade times and real-time data feed make it an optimal platform for algorithmic trading, which demands robust, stable, low latency technology solutions," said Richard Barker, Business Liaison manager, Onix Solutions. "Working together with Hotspot FXi to ensure that the offering was both optimised and of the broadest appeal has already paid dividends. The time required for implementation has been reduced to a matter of days in our most recent deployment."

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